Hey there! I'm Jennifer Okafor a multidisciplinary artist, specialising in many areas of visual art. Find out more!

Hey! I’m Jennifer.

I love to get lost in my fantasies. To keep a good balance of both worlds I enjoy the process of creating reality from concept idea to visual form. I tend to have a fluid tendency of my representation in art, which is closely tied to my personality. Painting is especially important to me as a way of personal catharsis. My mission is to thrive in contemporary implementation, in which I feel most liberated.

Photography to me is closely tied to painting, just in a different tool. It’s the intricacy of technological ability to freely paint the reality how I see it, with a single shot. I’m fascinated by the beauty of the divine in life and people, how the process of photography can freeze those moments in time forever.

Graphic design changed the whole course of perspectives in my artistic knowledge and its use. It gives me the power of more freedom of expression in a technological outlet. I see it as a meeting ground of art and technology in a unique formation. My expertise range from visual identity, branding, logo, logotype, print design, illustration design, to the web design interface